Group awards


First Prize at the GSK Synthetic Organic Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium Poster competition, October 2021 to Ellie Stammers

First Prize at the SMASH NMR Conference September 2021 to J-P Heeb


Poster prize, RSC Organic Division London & South East Regional Meeting (Kingston University) to Mostafa Amer


JCO2019, École Polytechnique, Palaiseau; Best poster prize (out of 450) to Mostafa Amer

12th Jilin University Doctoral Academic Forum, China; 22-23 November: Best Oral Presentation Roman Abrams

6th Winter Process Chemistry Conference ‘Young chemist awards’ to Mary Okoh and Roman Abrams

Charles River PhD Poster Competition, 27 Sept 2019: 2nd prize to Roman Abrams

International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis, Evora: OBC Poster Prize, Mostafa Amer

IMG-20190909-WA0002 2.jpg

26th International Symposium on Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, Cambridge, 15-18 July, Chemical Science Poster Prize, Roman Abrams

21st European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, Vienna: Open Chemistry Journal poster prize (Best 5 from 563 posters), Mostafa Amer

Bristol CDT Summer Conference, Poster Prize Makenzie Millward; participants’ poster prize, Louise Eagling

Bristol Final Year Postgraduate Talks 7 Jun 2019: First Prize, David Morris

Catalysis CDT Poster Session, Cardiff, 5 Jun 2019; Poster Prize, Roman Abrams

RSC South-West Division Regional Meeting, Cardiff, 24 Jan 2019; Best poster prize, Mostafa Amer



Syngenta Collaborative Research Symposium, Jealott’s Hill, 14 September 2018: Best poster prize: Louise Eagling


RSC Synthesis and Heterocyclic Postgraduate Symposium, London, 20 Sept 2017: Best oral presentation, Jessica Hill

Bio-Techne Chemistry Poster Symposium, May 2017: Poster prize runner-up, Romain Costil

Lakeland Heterocyclic Chemistry Symposium, Grasmere, May 2017: Poster prize runner-up, Wojciech Zawodny

RSC Physical Organic Chemistry Postgraduate Meeting, AstraZeneca Macclesfield, 10 Apr 2017: Best research talk, Romain Costil

Annual PhD Review Day, AstraZeneca Macclesfield, 22 Mar 2017: Best research talk, Jessica Hall


International Congress of Young Chemists YoungChem 2016, 5-9 October 2016, Częstochowa: Best oral presentation, Wojciech Zawodny

5th Symposium on Foldamers, Bordeaux, 26-29 Sept 2016: Poster prize to Michael Tomsett

SET for Britain awards: Bronze medal in the Chemistry Section to Bryden Le Bailly. Read more.

Chemistry Bronze award winner.JPG


International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis, Evora, Portugal: Best Poster Award in the total/target synthesis category to Wojciech Zawodny


Second Scientific Update Winter Process Chemistry Conference: poster competition 1st prize Samantha Staniland

Manchester final year PhD talks: 1st prize Bryden Le Bailly

Manchester final year PhD talks: 2nd prize Rachel Atkinson


RSC Roche Poster Symposium (London): 1st prize Francis Lister

EU COST Foldamer meeting (Paris) Poster 1st Prize Liam Byrne

ACS Peptide meeting (Hawaii): Poster Prize Matteo De Poli


SCI Postgraduate Organic Chemistry Symposium (Leeds): best oral presentation Rob Brown

Roche Leading Chemists Symposium (Basel): best oral presentation Rob Brown

Manchester final year PhD talks: 2nd prize Nadia Fleary-Roberts


SCI North Region Postgraduate Organic Chemistry Symposium: 2nd prize Dan Tetlow

RSC–Pfizer Neusentis postgraduate poster symposium: participants’ prize Mike Tait

EU COST Foldamer meeting (Leeds): Poster 1st Prize Rob Brown


Tetrahedron Symposium 2010 (Beijing): Outstanding Poster Prize Paul McLellan

Peakdale Molecular Symposium: Poster 1st prize James Clayton

NW Organic Chemistry Symposium: Poster 2nd Prize Rob Brown

Pfizer Biological and Organic Postgraduate Research Symposium, Manchester: Poster 3rd Prize Paul McLellan

AZ First year PhD symposium: poster 1st prize Nadia Fleary-Roberts

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