Group awards


MRC Best Poster Award at the SMASH NMR Conference, La Jolla, California, September 2022 to JP Heeb

Poster Prize at the Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium (BOSS), Namur, July 2022 to Ellie Stammers


First Prize at the GSK Synthetic Organic Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium Poster competition, October 2021 to Ellie Stammers

Poster Prize at the SMASH NMR Conference September 2021 to JP Heeb


Poster prize, RSC Organic Division London & South East Regional Meeting (Kingston University) to Mostafa Amer


JCO2019, École Polytechnique, Palaiseau; Best poster prize (out of 450) to Mostafa Amer

12th Jilin University Doctoral Academic Forum, China; 22-23 November: Best Oral Presentation Roman Abrams

6th Winter Process Chemistry Conference ‘Young chemist awards’ to Mary Okoh and Roman Abrams

Charles River PhD Poster Competition, 27 Sept 2019: 2nd prize to Roman Abrams

International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis, Evora: OBC Poster Prize, Mostafa Amer

IMG-20190909-WA0002 2.jpg

26th International Symposium on Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, Cambridge, 15-18 July, Chemical Science Poster Prize, Roman Abrams

21st European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, Vienna: Open Chemistry Journal poster prize (Best 5 from 563 posters), Mostafa Amer

Bristol CDT Summer Conference, Poster Prize Makenzie Millward; participants’ poster prize, Louise Eagling

Bristol Final Year Postgraduate Talks 7 Jun 2019: First Prize, David Morris

Catalysis CDT Poster Session, Cardiff, 5 Jun 2019; Poster Prize, Roman Abrams

RSC South-West Division Regional Meeting, Cardiff, 24 Jan 2019; Best poster prize, Mostafa Amer



Syngenta Collaborative Research Symposium, Jealott’s Hill, 14 September 2018: Best poster prize: Louise Eagling


RSC Synthesis and Heterocyclic Postgraduate Symposium, London, 20 Sept 2017: Best oral presentation, Jessica Hill

Bio-Techne Chemistry Poster Symposium, May 2017: Poster prize runner-up, Romain Costil

Lakeland Heterocyclic Chemistry Symposium, Grasmere, May 2017: Poster prize runner-up, Wojciech Zawodny

RSC Physical Organic Chemistry Postgraduate Meeting, AstraZeneca Macclesfield, 10 Apr 2017: Best research talk, Romain Costil

Annual PhD Review Day, AstraZeneca Macclesfield, 22 Mar 2017: Best research talk, Jessica Hall


International Congress of Young Chemists YoungChem 2016, 5-9 October 2016, Częstochowa: Best oral presentation, Wojciech Zawodny

5th Symposium on Foldamers, Bordeaux, 26-29 Sept 2016: Poster prize to Michael Tomsett

SET for Britain awards: Bronze medal in the Chemistry Section to Bryden Le Bailly. Read more.

Chemistry Bronze award winner.JPG


International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis, Evora, Portugal: Best Poster Award in the total/target synthesis category to Wojciech Zawodny


Second Scientific Update Winter Process Chemistry Conference: poster competition 1st prize Samantha Staniland

Manchester final year PhD talks: 1st prize Bryden Le Bailly

Manchester final year PhD talks: 2nd prize Rachel Atkinson


RSC Roche Poster Symposium (London): 1st prize Francis Lister

EU COST Foldamer meeting (Paris) Poster 1st Prize Liam Byrne

ACS Peptide meeting (Hawaii): Poster Prize Matteo De Poli


SCI Postgraduate Organic Chemistry Symposium (Leeds): best oral presentation Rob Brown

Roche Leading Chemists Symposium (Basel): best oral presentation Rob Brown

Manchester final year PhD talks: 2nd prize Nadia Fleary-Roberts


SCI North Region Postgraduate Organic Chemistry Symposium: 2nd prize Dan Tetlow

RSC–Pfizer Neusentis postgraduate poster symposium: participants’ prize Mike Tait

EU COST Foldamer meeting (Leeds): Poster 1st Prize Rob Brown


Tetrahedron Symposium 2010 (Beijing): Outstanding Poster Prize Paul McLellan

Peakdale Molecular Symposium: Poster 1st prize James Clayton

NW Organic Chemistry Symposium: Poster 2nd Prize Rob Brown

Pfizer Biological and Organic Postgraduate Research Symposium, Manchester: Poster 3rd Prize Paul McLellan

AZ First year PhD symposium: poster 1st prize Nadia Fleary-Roberts

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